Rush: The NFL Is Different This Year. It’s All The Politically Correct Stuff.

RUSH: Folks, I really have to tell you, I love the National Football League.  Something about it is different this year.  It’s all the politically correct stuff that’s now seeped into it.  I know where this is all headed, as I’ve told you.  But I’m just laughing out loud last night listening to Cris Collinsworth go on and on and on about these refs.  I just laugh.  And I love getting up every day and reading the sports media, which is just as liberal as their news media brethren, listening to them moan and complain about the replacement refs and the integrity of the game. And I just say, well, this is the kind of culture you’d get across the country if your ideas prevail.  You get incompetence at the top of everything on the basis that we don’t have the ability to judge people, and you guys promise equality of outcome.  How you gonna have equality of outcome if you don’t make sure that people not good at something get to be called or get to be selected to do something at the highest level?  That’s what liberalism is all about, is promoting incompetence on the basis it’s fair, because people would be the best if they weren’t discriminated against.

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