RUSH: The Lefts Success In Destroying The NFL Is Working To A Tee

RUSH: Here’s another theory that was sent to me. My old buddy Seton Motley said: “The left’s idea to play up the NFL protests knowing it would further the left’s effort to kill the NFL by bringing the right against it is brilliant strategy, and the political neophyte NFL is the useful idiot in its own impending demise.” What he means by this, start out with the basic premise that the left is trying to end the NFL. Some people think that. I’m not sure it goes that far.

I think what the left sees is a giant cash cow, much like the Monochrome Coalition would shake down corporations, threaten boycotts unless they donated to the causes that the Reverend Jackson found near and dear, which would be those causes close to him. I don’t think they want to wipe out the NFL, although some may. I mean, some of the extremists do because it’s dangerous, it’s barbaric, but it’s American. It’s quintessentially American, it’s patriotic.

These are the things that the left — don’t argue with me, folks. You can’t argue. These are the things the left is trying to destroy. The heart and soul of America. It’s imperfect. Barack Obama: We want to transform the United States into something that it should have been but isn’t, whatever the words were. So Seton here believes that the left’s plan is backfiring — well, actually, it isn’t that. What’s happening is, the left’s success in damaging or destroying the NFL is working to a T because what’s it doing? It’s driving the fan base away.

The fastest thing you could do to hurt the NFL is drive the fan base away, and the people on the left who want to destroy the NFL or really damage it, by encouraging these protests — and don’t think the left is not involved. This is not player generated, player started. There are all kinds of activists behind this. And if their objective is to wound and weaken, diminish the NFL, the fastest away to do it is to encourage behavior that’s gonna drive the fan base away. So Seton’s theory is, it’s working like a charm, and the NFL, clueless, is joining the side of the people trying to ruin it, which it is, if that theory holds.



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