RUSH: The Left Is Pushing Net Neutrality Because They Want Government To Regulate The Internet

RUSH: The left is pushing net neutrality ’cause they want the government to regulate the internet on the premise that the private sector is mean, it’s unfair, it overcharges, it kills its customers, it puts its customers at risk, all of the typical bromides you get from the left.

So they want the government regulating it just like they want the government regulating health care. If you like Obamacare, if you like the government in charge of all that they’re in charge of, then you ought to welcome net neutrality. But I’m telling you, if you like being able to purchase what you want, when you want it, if you like technological innovation, if you want things continuing to improve and innovate, modernize, and get cheaper along the way, then you must oppose net neutrality.

It’s misnamed. It has nothing to do with what the left actually wants. And I’m gonna give you an example of government regulation retarding and practically stopping technological innovation. The example I’m gonna use comes from professional Hazlett’s book, and it’s about cellular. Think back, your own life. What is your first memory of either seeing a cell phone or actually having one? I’ll tell you mine. It was 1985 or ’86. And I was in Sacramento.

I was at a Sacramento Kings basketball game. And I forget the cell provider that we had back then, but the sponsor — and I happened to run into this guy, and he was telling me about the latest thing, cellular phones. And he had one with him. And he was able to call whoever he wanted. I was able to hear it, make the call. I was dazzled. I said, “No kidding.”

The thing is, he had this giant brick in his pocket that was the battery. And he said he had another battery that was in his car. And I said, “Well, how long does this last?” He said, “Well, you really shouldn’t use it when it’s not attached to the battery.” But he just wanted to demo it. It wasn’t even on the market yet. He was just demoing this for me. I said, “Man, I gotta have one of these. I gotta have it, I gotta have it.”

What I didn’t know — and this was 1985 or ’86, folks. Cellular telephone communications, cellular communications technology was announced by the FCC in 1945. There was an article in the Saturday Evening Post. In 1945, the big announcement of the invention, discovery, whatever you want to call it, of cellular technology, which uses, of course, wireless spectrum, radio frequencies. It took until the 1980s for the government to license operators to use cellular communications.

AM radio stations are licensed. Television stations are licensed by the FCC. And the owners and operators of those stations have to pass every five or 10 years, I don’t know what it is now, license renewal exam basically on how well they’re serving the community. It’s almost become pro forma now, but the point is the government’s in charge of it, the licensing. So the inventors of cellular couldn’t do anything with it until the government licensed it! And the minute it was discovered, all other forms of communication, particularly land line telephones, began pressuring the government and regulators to squash it.

They didn’t want the competition. This is not unnatural. It’s the same thing that happened to FM radio. FM radio was invented 25 years before the first FM radio was sold. A consortium of AM radio station owners put pressure on the federal government to shelve the entire FM technology, which it did. Lobbyists and people of influence, the special interests in communications succeeded in burying two innovative forms of communication technology to the benefit of current, or at the time, operators, which in these cases were AM radio and land line telephones.



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