RUSH: The Left Is Already SALIVATING. Trying To Politicize Vegas Shooting

RUSH: Fifty-eight people are now dead, 500 plus have been taken to hospitals after a shooting across — well, it was from the Mandalay Bay. There was a country concert across the street. Shooter on the 32nd floor and had nothing in his way whatsoever. And, folks, I’m gonna tell you, the left is already, they are salivating trying to politicize this, and before it’s all over, it may end up having political motivations behind it. We don’t know.

We know that ISIS is claiming credit for it. We know that ISIS is claiming the shooter is a recent convert. We have to put that in some sort of context. Does ISIS have a history of falsely claiming responsibility for terror acts, and if they were to start falsely claiming responsibility, how would that affect them and of course their actions, which is a matter of importance to them.

Now, the left, it’s just unseemly. I mean, it didn’t take ’em a half hour, and they started ranting and rolling about gun control now. Tom Brokaw, Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton, don’t you think it’s time that you stopped being a cliche? Don’t you think it’s time to stop being so predictable? Your comments are unworthy. They’re unhelpful. They are just worthless.

“‘Stand Up to the NRA’: Hillary Clinton Calls for Gun Control in Response to Las Vegas Shooting.” This is a classic example of how gun control wouldn’t matter. This guy’s gonna get a gun no matter what. Gun control does not keep guns out of the hands of the criminally intended or the criminally minded. And the gun doesn’t hate anybody. The gun doesn’t hate the national anthem. The gun doesn’t know anything. The gun is an inanimate object until it’s picked up by somebody. And this is the thing the left doesn’t want to deal with. That’d be really, really dangerous to start speculating here, but that doesn’t hold them back, does it? It doesn’t give them pause whatsoever.

Here is a little bit of Tom Brokaw. This was NBC’s live coverage of the incident in Las Vegas before President Trump spoke. The former assistant director of the FBI Shawn Henry, said, “There’s a lot of investigation to do, looking at who this guy was and who was he communicating with, gotta do that. Who do they find with the search warrants that indicates the motivation?”

BROKAW: We’re gonna have to find out where he was able to get that kind of a weapon. They’re not supposed to be able to buy that as a civilian where, on full auto, military rounds are being fired. Everybody goes to the far corners of the NRA defending the right to own guns, people want to eliminate all guns. We’ve gotta find a way to talk about this in a reasonable fashion. And I would hope the president this morning would begin that discussion in a way that we can move forward together.

RUSH: This has become a cliche. We have an incident involving race, and they say we’ve got to start talking about it. That’s all we’ve been doing is talking about it. Now every time there’s a gun incident, “We’ve gotta start talking about this and we’ve gotta get the president on the –” We always talk about this. We talk and talk and talk about the things that the left demands that we talk about. “We’re gonna have to find out where he was able to get that kind of weapon.” That’s gonna be incidental.

If you ever find that out it’s gonna be incidental to explaining this, unless — and here goes the speculation — unless ISIS is responsible for this and they found a way to get him the weapon, but I’m not even comfortable going there. We don’t even know much beyond who the guy is and his brother is out there saying: I’m just totally shocked. I didn’t know my brother was capable –” He’s one of these guys that engages in this active that nobody who knew him ever thought he was ever gonna be capable of anything like this.

Now, we are alive, we are living in a highly charged era. We are living at a time where there is rolling and rocking angst and nervousness. People don’t even have a chance to breathe if they watch news anymore. If you watch the news, you’re gonna be constantly on edge. The odds are that you’re gonna be deeply pessimistic and/or angry. And it’s just impossible to get away from it. You can’t even get away from it now, things that roil our culture, by turning into college or professional sports. That’s not even a respite anymore.

But Hillary Clinton, “‘Stand up to the NRA.’ Hours after the deadliest shooting in U.S. history, former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tweeted a statement attacking the National Rifle Association and firearm suppressor laws.
Clinton asked followers to ‘put politics aside’ in the wake of the attack and ‘stand up to the NRA.’”

That is politics, Hillary, you are injecting politics into this. The NRA doesn’t have anything to do with this. We don’t know that this guy was an NRA member. We don’t know anything yet. But man they’re setting the table. They just can’t wait.


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