RUSH: The Left Has No Sense Of Humor

RUSH:  Now, you and I, I’ve said this before, you and I, it’s like a very large family, the familial relationship here, not familiarity, but familial, family.  And you know what I mean when I talk about American exceptionalism.  I’m not saying we’re better than everybody else, we’re superior because we’re here.  It’s not that at all. We are the exception to the rule that most people have lived in tyranny in the world, and that most people have lived in poverty in the world, and still do, although that’s changing rapidly.  We are the exception to the rule of dictatorship, tyranny, bondage, all that. 

The American experiment is the exception, that’s what makes us different, that’s the exception. And I’ve always said this, and I don’t know how that becomes we’re better than everybody, because I specifically say that’s not what it is.  So here’s how the author — I mean, I’m even surprised that clip was used. If your point is that I’m out there saying I’m the greatest thing in the world and never been anybody better and all that, that clip is actually talking about the greatness of the country.  Anyway, here’s what the author said, and his name is David Bobb.

BOBB:  What Rush Limbaugh is saying there has good truth to it, in the sense that America did put individuals front and center, but they were also individuals rooted in a community.  I think that a lot of the self-promotionalism that we see, sometimes part of a persona; a lot of that that Rush offers is tongue-in-cheek.  Some of it not.

LAMB:  You know, it’s interesting; I’ve listened to him over the years.  Who knows when he’s tongue-in-cheek? 

BOBB:  He’s incorporated humor very ably.  And I think that’s one of the reasons why he’s been able to be on the air and so popular for so long.  And some of that humor comes at his own expense.  Some of it doesn’t, you know, sometimes moving back and forth between it, and sometimes being serious and sometimes very humorous.  One thing he’s always serious though, about, is this claim of American exceptionalism.

RUSH:  Anyway, from a strict business sense, what is fascinating to me about this is Brian Lamb is not a low-information person. He’s not dumb. He’s not ignorant. He admits to listening a lot and he doesn’t know when I’m using satire and when I’m not.  Now, one thing that we do — and I don’t know whether Brian Lamb is conservative, lib, Democrat, Republican, I have no idea.  I don’t care to know.  That’s not my point.  But the left we know has no sense of humor.

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