RUSH: The First Crack In The Limbaugh Theorem

RUSH: On Squawk Box, back to CNBC. The guest was chief Washington correspondent John Harwood.  He’s reporting on the poll and says this.

HARWOOD:  It’s an ugly poll for Obama.  The high thirties, low forties are sort of where presidents are when they’re in big trouble. He’s getting the low — the lower bounds here.  People are drawing the conclusion that events are controlling this president rather than the president controlling events, which, obviously presidents don’t control the world. But the accumulation of things — Iraq, Syria, problems with Russia and Ukraine. All of those things are, uh, making people feel as if, uh, the United States, uh, is weak at the moment, that the country is on the wrong track, and this is… It’s worrisome for Democrats.

RUSH:  Wait a minute, now.  It’s a small one, I will admit, but this could be the first crack in the Limbaugh Theorem.  The Limbaugh Theorem explains how Obama never gets blamed for anything.  The Limbaugh Theorem explains how Obama is never held accountable.  The Limbaugh Theorem explains how Obama distances himself from his own policies. The Limbaugh Theorem explains how he gets away with that with the media. 

But if you listen to Harwood here, there’s justification in blaming Obama for some of this stuff, particularly foreign policy.  So it could be a little crack in the Limbaugh Theorem.  Dick and Liz Cheney have a really, really good and powerful op-ed in the Wall Street Journal today called, “The Collapsing Obama Doctrine.”

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