RUSH: The Democrats Are Imploding, They’re Getting Batty, They’re Going Nuts

RUSH: I’ve been searching my memory, and I’ve asked some people and nobody can remember, nor can I, a time — maybe Jimmy Carter, but then he didn’t mean to…  I do not remember a president of the United States talking down the stock market and the world economy like Obama did.  It is unprecedented.  It’s in an interview with CNBC, John Harwood.  Obama warned the world markets that it cannot be taken for granted that the Congress would be able to raise the debt limit before the October 17th deadline so that the US doesn’t default.  I kid you not.  And then he said that he thought world markets should be concerned. 

Now, is that what he means by toning down or keeping down his rhetoric?  I really think, folks, this is unprecedented.  No previous US president has ever tried to talk down the economy like that.  Now, the Democrats, as a party, did so during the last three, maybe four years of the Bush administration, but they were trying to create an image in people’s minds.  They wanted people to think that we were in a recession.  They wanted voters to think that Bush’s economic policies were creating havoc.  But that’s different.  Those were random, independent voices from people who are either one of 535 members or one of 100 members of the bodies, Senate or House.  But this is the president.

I can’t remember a previous president ever trying to talk down the economy like this.  If anything, in Obama’s situation, they would be talking about how the country would never let a default happen.  But he’s out there warning the world that it could.  I’ll tell you what this is, all of it, everything.  I get so blue in the face.  Everything Obama and the Democrats do is political and has an agenda, is part of the agenda, and the agenda right now is destroy the Republicans, the Tea Party.  And I think — I could be wrong about this — I think the Democrats are imploding.  I think they’re getting batty.  I think they’re going nuts.  This is not playing out the way they thought.

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