RUSH: The Democrat Party Is Telling Us How TOXIC Obama Is

RUSH: But the Democrat Party is telling us how toxic Obama is, even in the Washington Post today.  “Where Did Obama Go Wrong?” One of the things that they’re worried about here is he just got a terrible hand dealt to him by the world. (sobbing) It’s just ISIS and all this stuff in Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s more than any president should have to put up with, it isn’t fair, he was dealt such a bad hand by the world!

What do you mean, dealt a bad hand by the world? He told everybody he was gonna heal world.  He told everybody the world was gonna love America once he was elected.  He wasn’t even gonna have to even do anything! He got the Nobel Peace Prize for showing up! He didn’t have to do anything to get the peace prize.  This was a guy that was elected totally on the come, and all he has done is wreak havoc. 

Every Democrat on the ballot is doing their best to convince voters they have nothing to do with Obama.  They won’t even admit — some won’t even admit voting for him.  They’re all running away from him.  None of them want him in town to campaign for them.  At the same time, he’s out there getting back at them by saying, “Hey, these are my buddies.  They voted for every one of my policies.  They made what I’m doing possible.” 

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