RUSH: The Democrat Party Is A Shrinking and Dwindling HATE GROUP

RUSH: The Democrat Party is a shrinking and dwindling hate group. That’s literally what they’ve become. You know, I remember the reason why I say that and why I think that this is an important point. Early in my career, when I was still learning about all this, when I was wet behind the ears and naive… Up until the time I started this radio show, nobody that knew me ever thought I was a hatemonger or a racist or homophobic or sexist or bigoted or any of that. Nobody. There wasn’t anybody.

Six months after being on the radio with this program, I’d become all of that. And I remember… I don’t want to mention names here because these people are still alive. But I remember a prominent conservative media figure, talking to him about prominent liberal media figures that he knew, that he liked. And I questioned him. “How can you trust these people? I mean, these are…” “No, no! They’re good guys. They’re good guys. In fact, one of them likes you, says you’re not a hater.” And I was supposed to be thrilled to hear this!

I was supposed to be mollified that some liberal media figure had just pronounced I was okay because, after he had listened to me, he had determined I wasn’t a hater. I did not take that as a compliment, and I got kind of mad, just like I did when Algore was in that vice presidential debate, 1996. Bob Dole is the presidential candidate for the Republican side, and Gore and Jack Kemp, VP candidate, have a debate, and Gore tells Kemp (paraphrased), “You’re not like the rest of your party. You’re not a racist, Jack.”

And Kemp said thanked him! “Yeah, well, the way we look at it, Limbaugh’s not a hater.” Of course, that’s out the window now. They all think the opposite. They are the hate group. The Democrat Party, that’s their fuel. That’s what energizes them is their hate. And for them to sit here and act like they’re the most compassionate and tolerant and peaceful and understanding is just a bunch of hogwash. The American people that voted for Trump are hated. The Republican Party is hated. The alternative conservative media is hated.

George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump. Take your pick. They are hated; they are not opposed, and I wish an even bigger percentage of the American people would figure this out. The American people are running around thinking that all the hate and the racism and all these other isms are located on the Republican Party side. The Republican Party has bent over backwards not even criticizing Democrats in hopes that people wouldn’t think they’re what the Democrats say they are, while the Democrats go out and behave that way times ten all the time every day and never get called on it.

But they are the hate groups, they are the hate party, they are the people that literally thrive and subsist on it. And you can see it. You can see it in these protests. You can see it in these so-called acts of dissent, which are nothing more than riots.


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