RUSH: The Constitution Is An Impediment To Obama

RUSH:  Okay.  So that is what set up the discussion.  Up next, Brian Kilmeade.

KILMEADE:  He’s a constitutional lawyer on top of that, so he does know the difference.  But, you know, what President Obama would say is, “Yeah, you’re right.” Jobs are scarce, the economy is not having the robust turnaround he projected it to be and most economists expected.  That’s why he needs to do these things because Congress is in his way.  I can almost hear the speech rolling off his tongue now.

RUSH:  He’s a constitutional lawyer, and he should know better. But he doesn’t care.  He doesn’t care about the Constitution.  The Constitution is an impediment to Obama.  The Constitution is not something to be respected — and it’s not just Obama, by the way.  It’s to the vast majority of the intellectual, leftist elite.  They really detest the Constitution, because it thwarts them.  Some of you may not know this, but the United States Constitution was written to limit government power.

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RUSH: Obama Does Not Have The Constitutional Power To Run This Country Like A Dictator

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