RUSH: The Biggest Problem We Have With Voting Is Illegal Voting

RUSH: “If Democrats are to stave off tough challenges in November, it’ll need to be because of messaging, not just a secret turnout sauce.”  Which means that the message to single women is going to have to be, you just can’t say, “Hey, we’re Democrats, you’re single women, we’re made for each other.”  Isn’t gonna work.  Her point is, the Democrats are gonna have to have a message.  Well, what do you think it’s gonna be?  Is it safe to assume that the message is gonna be one of admiration and promotion and you’re the backbone of America.  There’s no question that it is. 

When they do that, I just want you to keep in mind that Washingtonian story on the Carneys, the modern equivalents of Ozzie and Harriet, Democrats say that’s not possible for you and me.  Oh, no, no.  The new America is single mothers abandoned by irresponsible predatory men.  You wait.  That’s how they’re gonna try to do it.  This voter suppression thing.  Nobody’s ever kept from voting. The biggest problem we have with voting is illegal voting, not too few people voting.  People voting once, twice, the dead voting. 

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