RUSH: The ATTACK On ‘Manliness And Masculinity’

RUSH: Well, what’s happening now is that for some reason (and I think it’s all rooted in militant feminism) there is an attack on manliness and masculinity.

Those are two separate things, but they’re connected. And it has manifested itself with all of these baseless, erroneous, false charges of rape happening everywhere, such as the Rolling Stone article that had to be retracted and there was a lawsuit claiming rape at some university that never, ever happened. Same thing at Columbia University, woman running around with a mattress on campus claiming she’d been raped. The Duke Lacrosse case. That was a case where the Duke Lacrosse players supposedly hired a stripper and then took advantage of her.

None of it was true. None of it happened. But the feminists are behind all this, and they have been since the late sixties. They are behind the notion that men are barbarians and brutes and predators. And since these women have ended up being teachers and professors at universities where now a majority of the enrollees have been women, they’ve been teaching this stuff for a couple of generations. Such as Catharine MacKinnon, who was teaching her students at the University of Michigan that all sex is rape, including the sex of marriage.

So you had a succession of women being exposed to this insanity, this lunacy. But they’ve been believing it, and it’s manifested itself now by this attack on masculinity and this attack on manliness. And it has given us the phenomenon known as the Pajama Boy. It has given us men who are doing everything they can to not appear masculine because that appears to be barbaric or similar nature to that of a predator. It is women, feminism making all this happen. Which is why I’ve always said that it’s women who really hold the power.

And those who know they hold the power, those are challenges to deal with, those women. Not every woman that is self-confident, realizes this. But the ones who do, they will own you, if you let them. How’s this thing gonna play out? I’ll tell you exactly how it’s gonna play out. Women in real life do not want wusses. They’re out there saying they want to get rid of masculinity and they want to get rid of manliness and they want to get rid of the outward signs of barbarism.

But when it comes time to seriously hook up under the premise of marriage where you think you’re hooking up for life, they’re not gonna hook up with the Pajama Boys. Maybe the women of Washington will, but that’s a different universe and a different world, and they’re gonna end up being forever disappointed.

They are going to try to strip the male population of much of its identity and they’re gonna succeed because men will do whatever it takes to get women, and the women eventually are gonna be very unhappy with the end result. They’re gonna be running around claiming, “I can’t find a decent guy to marry. They’re all a bunch of wusses.” Well, babe, you made it happen.

And the evidence of it is right here in this story. “A New Men’s Talk Show in the Works Will Challenge Gender Norms,” and the notion of masculinity. And this is how these things happen.


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