RUSH: Ted Cruz And Mike Lee Had The Guts To Warn People What Was Coming

RUSH: Now, this doesn’t even talk about the 12 senators.  She’s talking about House Democrats.  Now, folks, I want to take you back to Ted Cruz and Mike Lee a month ago.  They were trying to warn people what was coming.  They were trying to get people back then to delay this, to defund it, to prevent this that’s happening from happening.  They knew it was coming, as did every other elected official.  Everybody in both parties knew this was coming, folks. 

Do not doubt me on this.

Everybody knew.

Obama knew.

These 12/13 senators asking for a do-over knew. The House Democrats, everybody knew. They voted for it, and they need to be reminded of that, and they knew this was coming. But back when Ted Cruz was leading the effort, what was being said about him? “Well, he’s a terrorist! Well, he’s holding people hostage! He’s demanding ransoms! He’s an extremist.” He was right, and he was one of maybe two or three people who had the guts to go public and tell people what was headed their way.

He was one of two or three only had the guts to warn people what was coming and tried to do something to prevent this.  Ted Cruz.  You go back, thinking what kind of names he was being called and the insults being tossed at him and Mike Lee and everybody involved in that effort, just a month ago. Now the very people who were throwing those insults out — accusing him of being a terrorist, accusing him of wanting to take hostages and ransoms and so forth — are now the people begging to be exempted!

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