RUSH: Tea Party Wants To Beat Dems. GOP Don’t Look Like They Do.

RUSH: Now, with all due respect here, I’m wondering if Peggy Noonan knows anybody in the Tea Party. I mean, if she’s actually sat down and talked with anybody in the Tea Party, because what the Tea Party will tell you is that they are exactly trying to wrest control of it. They are not trying to destroy it. The people who were trying to destroy anything are Peggy’s friends. The Republican establishment is trying to damage the Tea Party. That’s what’s happening, and of course the Tea Party knows it because they feel it. So obviously they’re fighting back.

The Tea Party wants to beat Democrats.  The Republicans don’t look like they do, and that’s the big dividing line.  I can tell you firsthand, the Tea Party wants to beat Democrats.  They want to beat back Obamacare.  They want to beat back some of this spending.  They want to get rid of some of this debt.  The Tea Party wants to fix things.  The Tea Party knows that in order to do that, Democrats must lose.  And that’s what the Tea Party wants.

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