RUSH: Take A Moment To Step Back And Realize What An EPIC Presidency This Is

RUSH: Then there’s another tweet under that one from earlier this morning. Trump tweeted: “As a very active president with lots of things happening, it’s not possible for my surrogates to stand at the podium with perfect accuracy.”

Now, this is in reaction to the Drive-Bys literally going hysterical over different versions of stories being told at different times of the day regarding Rosenstein at the Department of Justice and Comey being fired and Trump saying he did it. “No, Rosenstein did it! No, I did it.” The press secretary’s out there trying to keep it all straight, and Trump says, “Hey, there’s so much going on with me, nobody can keep up. My surrogates don’t know what’s what from day to day because in my presidency, there’s lots of stuff happening.”

I wish people would take a moment to step back and realize what an epic presidency this is and realize we are never gonna see anything like this again our lifetimes, and we’ve never had it prior to this in my lifetime. I mean, normally we get idiots like Jimmy Carter, who do great damaging things. I mean, while Trump is doing all this, the country is vastly improving! As I have detailed today. Some of the core things that were destroying the guts of this country are being reversed. And it’s…

This is so outside what everybody has accepted as establishmentarian norms. And then the media’s acting like it’s the end of everything sacred, and I just have to smile at it. (interruption) No, don’t misunderstand. I know there’s some serious things going on. It leaking is deadly serious. (sniffles) You know, when I laugh — I’m sorry — I get sniffles, folks. But the leaking which I talked about in the last hour, is a serious thing.


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