RUSH: Super Bowl Ratings Will Trounce The ‘State Of The Coup’ Speech

RUSH:  I will bet you that the Super Bowl ratings trounce the ratings for the State of the Coup speech tonight.  Anybody have any doubt that that will happen?  So they can sit out there and they can say, “Well, we can’t maintain our ticket prices.  The teams aren’t sexy, and it’s cold out there.”  Nevertheless, the State of the Coup ratings tonight will be buried by the Super Bowl ratings.

And what does that mean?

It means that people would rather watch war — sanctioned brutality and maiming, injurious war — than watch a man of peace and bipartisanship.  Now, what must that say to the left about our country, that the people of this country would rather watch war and probably agree with Romanowski that the only way the Seahawks wins if somebody goes out on a stretcher? They would rather watch a man of peace and bipartisan speak on class warfare, inequality — oh, and raising the minimum wage. It’s like the fifth time in the State of the Union speeches since Bill Clinton, by the way.

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