RUSH: Sultan Of Brunei Is The New Donald Sterling


RUSH: Something you may not be aware of, and I have been wondering about this. I must confess, I’ve been curious about this.  The sultan of Brunei happens to own major hotel properties out here, I mean, five star, ten star, top drawer, Beverly Hills Hotel and the Hotel Bel-Air.

Now, the sultan of Brunei is Muslim, and the sultan of Brunei has just ratcheted up the endorsement of Sharia law, which is the standard belief system of 90% of the world’s Muslims who are Sunnis, in his own country.  He’s not enforcing Sharia law yet at his properties in this country.  Yet.  Just in his own country, which is halfway around the world.  And the gays and lesbians of Southern California are massing every day to protest this guy.  Yesterday Jay Leno showed up to join the protest.

What these people are saying about Sharia and about Islam, if you were to say it, you’d be called a bigot and they’d haul you off somewhere, put you in prison with the guy that made the video in the Middle East that nobody ever saw.  And I have been wondering, how long is it gonna take for the gay and lesbian community to get acquainted with what Sharia law says will be done to them.  I mean, it isn’t me, folks.  I didn’t write it.  I’ve got the documentation.  You can get the book for 20 bucks on Amazon.  You don’t have to look hard for it.  You don’t have to dig deep.  It’s not hidden, what the Islamic view or the Sharia law view of homosexuality is.  Basically it’s the epitome of intolerance. 

So they’ve figured it out and there are daily protests here about the sultan of Brunei, and the ultimate wish is that he be forced to sell the properties or that he not be allowed back in the country or that he be kicked out or what have you.  I mean, you haven’t heard much about it but he’s the new Donald Sterling out here.  No, there’s not a hotel commissioner.  It hasn’t gotten to that point yet.  But, anyway, I’ve been wondering. I was driving in this morning before the sun came up. We get to work much, much earlier out here, folks.  And the guy driving me in said, “Hey, how about Jay Leno?”

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