RUSH: ‘Stunning Reversal!’ Massive Shift Away From Liberalism

RUSH: I mentioned in the last hour a new Gallup poll out: Majority now say universal health care is not the federal government’s responsibility.  This is a stunning reversal.  And, by the way, this ABC poll that the Washington Post reports today that Obamas approval’s at 42% as well. It’s not just that if the election were today, Romney would win, Obama’s at 42%.  I mean they are in panic, in the media, in the Drive-Bys, in the White House, and now this Gallup poll.  You just don’t see massive changes in a trend line like this. 

Role of the federal government in ensuring Americans have coverage.  “No” is at 56%; “yes” is at 42%.  That is a 14-point swing, and just last year it was 54-44 that the — I take it back.  I hate charts.  I just despise charts.  I just despise ’em.  Hang on.  Okay, you gotta go back to 2011 to find a majority of people thinking that universal health care is the government’s responsibility.  In 2011, that’s after Obamacare has been signed into law, it was 50-46, role of the federal government is ensuring that Americans have health care.  Fifty percent thought the federal government should, and 46 said it shouldn’t.  So in two years it has gone from 50-46 “yes,” government should run health care, to 56-42 “no.” 

Now, what’s happened?  Well, in these two years Obamacare has begun to be implemented, and the American people don’t want any part of it.  I mean, this is a massive trend.  If you go back to 2006, it was 69 to 28% that the government should run health care.  Universal health care, government responsibility, “yes,” 69%, “no,” 28%.  That’s 2006.  And then it narrowed, and it was in 2009 that it basically became tied at 47, 50-47 “no.”  And then the last two years it just boomeranged the other way.  You know, this is stunning.  In seven years, we have gone from 69% who think that health care is the federal government’s responsibility to 42% who think it is.  But the real dramatic change in the trend line is the last two years, and that coincides with the rollout of Obamacare. Now there are people who are saying that this kind of experience could inflict irreparable harm to liberalism and the whole notion of Big Government and socialism.

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