RUSH: Student Loan Program Is Responsible For ESPN Shedding Subscribers

RUSH: I could make the case that the student loan program is responsible in part for ESPN losing massive amounts of subscribers. Now, you’re probably thinking, “How the hell, Rush? Don’t you know how extreme that is? The student loan program is why ESPN’s shedding a subscribers?” I can make the case, and I can blame it right on liberalism.

If ESPN wants to know why people are canceling they need to blame liberalism. Want me to explain it? Okay. ESPN sports network gets $7 per subscriber from every cable operator in the country. So if you have cable and you have ESPN and your cable company is sending ESPN $7 a month for you and for everyone — Do you realize how much money this is? Nobody gets $7 per subscriber. Nobody’s even close to it. ESPN has lost in just the last year a million subscribers. Multiply seven times one million and we’re talking $7 billion ESPN is down, and that’s just in the last year. And they are losing subscribers monthly at a dangerous rate.

It happens to coincide with two things: the Millennial generation becoming adults and ESPN’s conscious decision to turn their personalities loose and let them be all extreme liberal all the time. Because by doing that they are essentially kissing off half their audience. The people who watch ESPN don’t want to listen to a bunch of liberal claptrap, most of it related to race, all the time. So ESPN is a victim of their own political decisions and Millennials becoming adults cutting the cord and trying to find other ways to watch TV instead of cable.


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