RUSH: Grab sound bite 20. This is the point I want to make. Play it. Three… two… one… hit it!

FRANKEN: I know in my heart that nothing I have done as a senator — nothing — has brought dishonor on — on this institution. And I am confident that the Ethics Committee would agree. Nevertheless, today I am announcing that in the coming weeks I will be resigning as member of the United States Senate.

RUSH: Stop the tape! “In the coming weeks I will be resigning…” He has not resigned. He has stated his intention to resign “in the coming weeks.” This means that Franken will still be able to vote, for example, on legislation — say the government shutdown, say take the tax bill if it ever gets out of conference committee — and any other item that comes up. “In the coming weeks…” The Roy Moore election in Alabama is five days from now, for example.

So depending on how that goes and how people react to that, Al Franken could easily change his mind and say, “I just said I was going to resign in the coming weeks.” But until he submits the papers — and even then. It’s a long shot, I understand; but I think he’s leaving the door open, is the point here. He doesn’t want to go, folks. He does not want to go. He doesn’t want to go back to being a comedian. This made him, in his mind, somebody. You know, this made him a member of a club with only 100 members, and the last thing he wanted to do was go, and he still doesn’t want to go.

And he knows they’re not forcing him out because they’re really bothered by what he did, and that’s got to be eating him alive. They’re not asking him to leave because of what he did. I mean, ultimately, yeah, but they’re not offended by what he did, these women, these other Democrats. They’re not offended by that. They see Franken resigning as a political opportunity. I’m telling you, it’s all about Roy Moore, which then makes it all about Donald Trump.



LIMBAUGH: Al Franken’s Resignation Speech Was ‘Pathetic, Sorrowful, Pitiful’

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