RUSH: Sterling Didn’t Want V. In Pics With Magic Because He Knew Magic Was Making A Play For The Clippers

RUSH:  Okay, folks, I’m just sitting here with idle thoughts ruminating through my inveterately large cranial cavity. What if…? Based on everything we’ve learned from Yahoo Sports about Magic and Guggenheim Partner, what if the reason Sterling told V Dot that he didn’t want her showing up in pictures with Magic is that he knew that Magic was gonna make a play for his team? 

What if he knew that? 

I’m giving some gifts here to Erin Burnett and Don Lemon, Mr. Black Hole at CNN. 

I’m just saying, nobody really knows anything.  Everybody’s just proceeding here on assumptions.  What if Sterling didn’t want her talking to Magic because he knew that Magic was making a play for his team, and now what’s going on is that Magic and the Guggenheim Partners are doing what they’re doing to get the price down? 

(interruption)  Well, everything else seems to be up for grabs in this. Everybody else has got their ideas.  The Reverend Jackson has his. Sheila Jackson Lee has hers. Spike Lee has his ideas and Magic. (interruption) Sheila Jackson? Oh, we got it all coming up.  Oh, yeah.  Sheila Jackson Lee weighed in on this, absolutely.

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RUSH: Sterling Was Set Up Because Magic Johnson Wants The Clippers

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