RUSH: Steinle Verdict Makes O.J. Verdict Look Like ‘Romper Room’

RUSH: What happened out in San Francisco with the Kate Steinle jury. Man, oh, man, you talk about…? You think the OJ verdict was something? This verdict out there makes the OJ verdict look like Romper Room. You talk about jury nullification? You talk about a bunch of citizens banding together to say, “Screw you, United States! We prefer being a sanctuary even if our citizens do get murdered. Maintaining our political independence on this is much more important than the safety of a single citizen in San Francisco.” Just amazing.


RUSH: Let me deal here with the Katie Steinle verdict. When I heard about this, I heard it out of the corner of my ear. It didn’t register at first, because it was so unexpected. And when it finally registered on me, I can’t begin to tell you the depths of my anger and frustration, and then I stopped, and I caught myself, and I said, “You shouldn’t be mad. This was imminently predictable.” Who are we talking about here? We’re talking about the American left and the time for granting them any semblance of commonality with us when it comes to values and politics, morality, decency, right and wrong?

Those days are over. They don’t have much in common with us anymore. And each and every day this is borne out. So in San Francisco we have a War on Women, a different kind of War on Women — a felonious, illegal immigrant’s War on a Woman. An innocent woman is shot and killed. Her killer — an illegal alien who shot the gun has multiple felonies — is found not guilty by reason of a jury’s political insanity, and the left is good with it. The insanity in that courtroom was not the perp. The insanity is the jury.


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