RUSH: Sports Teams Using Gang Colors In Uniforms

UPDATE: February 12, 2016: 

LIMBAUGH: NFL Teams Adopt Gang Colors To Keep Players Happy

RUSH: TMZ has discovered a picture of Aaron Hernandez throwing gang signs in high school. It’s worth noting that he is dressed in all red, the color associated with the gang. He was also arrested wearing red shorts, though that could purely be coincidence.” Now, that’s the kind of stuff this has descended to. You want to know something else about colors? I didn’t know this. But there are numerous sportswriters who write about this. As you know, many sports teams have their home uniforms and their away uniforms.

The home uniform is the primary color; the away uniform is white or gray, depending on the sport. Some teams add a third, alternate jersey — or even in the primary home jersey they add a third color, and that is black. I’ve read numerous sportswriters alleging that teams are adding black to their uniforms because it’s a gang color. It is a color that is loved by gangs. Now if that’s true, why would teams do that?

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