Rush ‘Spitting, Shouting Mad’: Debt Ceiling Presser Is Obama ‘Flipping The Country The Bird’

RUSH: This whole press conference today is really an indication of just the contempt he holds people in.  He is really ticked off that he has to even deal with opposition here.  That’s what really bugs him.  He thinks anybody opposed — this is just insolence.  He ought not have to waste any time. He is so mad, almost like a spoiled rotten elitist that’s gotten his way all through life and has to deal with some adversity and doesn’t like it and doesn’t want to and doesn’t know how.

But I mean, comparing what’s happening here with people paying their mortgage. Does he not know what he’s done to the value of people’s homes?  Folks, I’m kinda stuck here.  I don’t know how to characterize this any better than I have.  I mean, I’m really spitting shouting mad, and I’m trying to contain myself.  But this whole press conference is the equivalent of 1-800-FU. This whole press conference is the president of the United States flipping the country the bird, is what this is.  And you’re asking about the media. The media is just sitting there soaking it all up.  They don’t know quite what to do.  He’s their guy and whatever they have to do to protect him.  Don’t expect anything there.  That’s why there’s gotta be some retort to this from the Republican Party.  David, I appreciate the call.

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