RUSH: Spicer Is Paying The Price For Trump Blowing Up Giant Media Dream With Public Support For Syria Strike

RUSH: Joe in Durham, North Carolina. Welcome, sir. Great to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Yeah, Rush, I just wanted to say when Sean Spicer talked about Hitler not using poison gas, I knew immediately that he was talking about using poison gas in a military setting. My relatives from that far back are Polish Jews so I lost people in the camps. He used gas in the camps to murder people, but he did not use gas in a warfare setting.

RUSH: Yeah, and you knew that’s what Spicer meant?


RUSH: Well, here’s the thing about this. He made his statement, and somebody in the press corps said, “Sean, wait a minute. You want to explain that?” So he did it again, and after he explained it, nothing. The delayed reaction was about a half hour, 45 minutes. And I’m sure the media people got together, “Do you realize what this guy said? You believe this? Do you believe this? This guy doesn’t know that Hitler gassed people in the camps, can you believe this?” Bammo, that’s all it took.

My point is, his original statement, everybody knew what he was trying to say. Look, do not mistake me here. What I’m doing here is telling you that the outrage here, a lot of it, is way out of proportion, ’cause they knew what he meant. He should have said it better. He shouldn’t have even gone there. You know, as a media figure of countless years, there are just certain things you learn. There’s no “there” there, when you start invoking Hitler.

The left can do it. The left can call Bush Hitler, and they can call Trump Hitler, but we can’t. We can’t bring it up, can’t go anywhere near it. And it’s just it’s a double standard, but it doesn’t get you anything. Spicer was trying to be super loyal and supportive of what Trump did in Syria, ’cause he’s got a media there that are trying to destroy Trump every day and trick Spicer and trip ’em up and mischaracterize and misstate what Trump’s doing, trying to expose that Trump’s a liar, is dishonest.

And Trump really ticked ’em off when he went into Syria and had so much public support for it and did it so well, that miffed them. Plus it also demonstrated that he wouldn’t have done that if there’d been close ties with Putin. So by going into Syria with the 59 Tomahawks, he blew up a giant media dream. So somebody had to pay the price for that, and that was Spicer. But he brought it on himself. He knows it. That’s why he’s been apologizing.


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