RUSH: Somebody Tell CNN That Rex Tillerson Publicly Stated That He Believes In Global Warming

RUSH: Somebody really needs to tell CNN that Rex Tillerson has publicly stated that he believes in global warming many times. The Atlantic January 11th, 2017, “Rex Tillerson Says Climate Change Is Real, but…” he’s come out in favor of a carbon tax as CEO of Exxon, a tax against his product, oil.

January 2009 he said that Exxon was in favor of a carbon tax. It’s not news that Rex — the Schneiderman AG in New York is claiming that Tillerson actually opposed climate change, but in his private alias email account he was admitting to everybody that it was true and he was worried about it. He said it publicly that he thought climate change was real.

But, you see, I, El Rushbo, am not convinced. It’s like the rich, like Gates and Buffett out there campaigning for tax increases on the rich. Of course they’re gonna say that. It’s how they keep the barbarians from their gates. It’s how they keep the people with pitchforks away from ’em. You know, if Gates and Buffett come out and say, “No, we’re for tax cuts for the rich,” then they’re gonna have the hordes bothering them. This is how you buy goodwill.

So the CEO of Exxon, Big Oil, hated Big Oil, if he admits that he believes in climate change and believes in the carbon tax, he just reduced the size of the company as a target, although not much because they hate oil no matter what the CEO is and what he says, but, anyhow.


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