RUSH: Somebody Hit The Panic Button In Benghazi And Nobody Reacted For Six Hours

RUSH: Well, I was just gonna say: Maybe the panic button hadn’t been hooked up yet. I mean, it’s a new consulate. Obama doesn’t take any of this stuff seriously, so what if the panic button wasn’t operative?

CALLER: Colonel Hunt does not feel, Rush, that that’s a possibility.

RUSH: That’s not a possibility?

CALLER: Not according to Colonel David Hunt. So I just wonder, Rush.

RUSH: Okay, so if that’s the case then they hit the panic button and for six hours nobody cared?

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: Well, if that’s the case, and somebody hit the panic button and nobody reacted for six hours, I wouldn’t even want to speculate why, ’cause there’s no good answer for that. I appreciate the call very much.

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