RUSH: ‘Slavish’ Media ‘Kiss Ass’ At Mandela Memorial

RUSH: If you go back and look at Obama’s two books, he barely mentions Nelson Mandela, barely mentions apartheid.  They didn’t matter to him in his two autobiographies.  This is simply the latest episode to be marketed, to be used.  And that’s what’s happening.  And in the process of this, it’s not the handshake with Raul Castro.  It’s the deigning to appear to be no different than these people, no different than the thugs and the thieves and the criminals that are among the dignitaries at this event.  It’s the willingness to make the United States appear no different.  And I’m just telling you, those of you who are relatively young, there was a day not too long ago where another way would have been found for the president of the United States to attend these — I don’t know what you want to call, festivities, ceremonies, memorials, what have you.

I think this just illustrates the great plunge that our country is in the midst of.  We are being led off the cliff.  We’re not so much falling off of it, although we have enough people in this country willing to go over the side on their own by voting for Democrats and so forth.  But for the most part we’re being led over the cliff.  And this is actually a very sad sight to see.  However, being who I am, I could not help but see the abject humor in this, with the absolute, I mean, I’ve never seen such slavish — what’s the word?  I mean, it’s kiss ass.  I’ve never seen this kind of — the media, they can’t help themselves.  This is too big, because what this represents is the opportunity for Obama to take over for Mandela, who was the world in these people’s minds.

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