Rush Slams Jay-Z And Beyonce For ‘Making A Communist Dictatorship Look Like A Paradise’

DR: In this segment Limbaugh also goes on to blast Obama’s White House ‘Sequester Soul Train’. “I think it’s decadent. I think it’s irresponsible. I think it is a thumb in the nose for Obama to be throwing all these parties in the midst of all this. While he’s out there having a grand yuk-yuk time basically saying look what I can do that you can’t. And all these performers falling in with him, I think it’s low rent. I don’t think there’s anything Presidential about this. I think it’s a guy taking advantage of the perks of office, have a good time while who cares whats going on around him. You disagree with that? Or do you think there’s some legitimate cultural contribution being made here. It is, It’s royalty. It’s celebrity of the United States.”

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