LIMBAUGH: Should The Freedom To Choose Who We Are Be A Civil Right?

RUSH:  Let me ask a serious question that people on the left will no doubt be very appreciative of my asking.  Should this freedom to choose who we are be a civil right?  Should we have the freedom to choose whether we are the same person we were whenever we want to make that choice?  Should that be a civil right?  Interesting notion.  Should we have the freedom to choose whether we are or are not the same person as we were, say, yesterday? 

I mean, when did you choose who you were?  You probably have not consciously chosen who you are.  Why shouldn’t you have the freedom to choose who you are?  And then if you… (interruption)  And then tomorrow if you don’t want to be who you are, you change, and then you announce you aren’t who you were. Because it’s a civil right. Because we all have a civil right to be who we are, right? 

I guarantee you there are some people on the left thinking, “You know, this guy, he’s coming around. He’s onto something here.”

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