RUSH: Should McDonalds Pay Workers $75 An Hour?

CALLER:  In Australia, for example, they’re making 15-something an hour.

RUSH:  In Australia making… Okay.

CALLER:  I (unintelligible) website.

RUSH:  How about this?  How about McDonald’s raises everybody to $20 an hour?  Would that be enough?  Would that be okay? 

CALLER:  I think that would probably help a lot of people.

RUSH:  What about $25 an hour?

CALLER:  Managers should probably get at least that.  They probably already do.

RUSH:  Okay, then what about $30 an hour?

CALLER:  If that’s the fair market rate.

RUSH:  Well, no, that’s what $7.25 is.

CALLER:  I don’t believe that.

RUSH:  Yeah, that’s why it’s $7.25. It’s the fair market rate.  It’s $7.25 not because it’s temporary. That’s the fair market rate.  Let’s pay ’em $50 an hour, how about that?

CALLER:  $15 an hour.

RUSH:  No, $50.

CALLER:  $50?

RUSH:  Five-oh, $50 an hour.  How about that?

CALLER:  Yeah.  That should be the new fair market rate.

RUSH:  Right on.  Right?  Well, let’s keep going, how about $75 an hour, let’s pay ’em $75 an hour.

CALLER:  Where you going with this?

RUSH:  Well, I want to know whether you agree with $75. I’m not going anywhere with it.  If $50 is good, $60 would be better, right?

CALLER:  Well, yeah.

RUSH:  What about $75 an hour?

CALLER:  Where you going with this, though?  I don’t understand.

RUSH:  Okay. Now I’m detecting $75 an hour, you think might be too much, right?

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