RUSH: Should I Follow Gerard Depardieu? People Will Love Me More!

RUSH: Gerard Depardieu left France. He announced publicly he’s leaving France, moving across the state lines, or the country line to Belgium because he’s fed up where the top tax rate is 75% on the rich. Now, Gerard Depardieu is not the first Frenchman to announce that he’s leaving France because of this.


RUSH: And today, after this open letter, Gerard Depardieu has 70% support of the French people. “An online poll conducted by the popular Le Parisien tabloid showed almost 70% supporting” Depardieu and his quest to lower taxes in France. What did he do? He left. He left the country. Which, as I say, how does it apply at me to me? Well, maybe if I move out to avoid taxes and explain how much I pay and how many people I employ and all this, people will love me more!

Maybe women will feel less threatened.

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