RUSH: Shinseki Has Made As Big A Mess Of The VA As Obama Has Made Of ObamaCare

RUSH: “Gen. Eric K. Shinseki, the retired Army chief of staff who presciently predicted that stabilizing Iraq would take more troops than had been committed to the invasion, pledged Wednesday to transform the Department of Veterans Affairs to better fulfill the nation’s promises to those who have served in uniform.”  As Obama’s nominee — Obama hadn’t even been immaculated yet.  This is before the inauguration, January 2009.  This is two days, in fact, January 14, two days before I went public and said, “I hope he fails.”  Just to give you some timeline. 

“As President-elect Barack Obama’s nominee to head the second-largest bureaucracy in the government, behind the Pentagon, General Shinseki said that if confirmed he would streamline the disability claims system, use new information technologies to improve the delivery of benefits and services, and focus on unemployed and homeless veterans. … When he retired in June 2003 after 38 years as a soldier, General Shinseki was the highest-ranking Asian-American in United States military history.” That speaks for itself, too. 

So that’s the guy they sent over there to run the VA that’s made an absolute mess of it, as big a mess of the VA as Obama has made of Obamacare.  It’s such a tragedy.  It is a genuine tragedy that these people are in leadership positions.  They just don’t have the qualifications.  And, I’m sorry, folks, but caring just isn’t a qualification, not by itself.

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