Rush Shares Anecdote Of Golfing With Trump: “The Guy Has Boundless Energy”

RUSH: I have been with Donald Trump quite a bit.  I’m not in any way part of Donald Trump’s inner circle, in anything, and I don’t want to be misunderstood as saying that I am.  But I’ve been with him a lot.  I have played a couple rounds of golf with Donald Trump.  I’ve been with Donald Trump at the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation.

I spent four hours with Donald Trump in March at the White House, including dinner. And I can tell you that he’s none of these things that they’re saying. What he is, is domineering. What he is, is sure of himself. I’ll give you one anecdote here. Maybe I can think of more. We’re on the golf course. It’s at his course here at Trump International. It’s the second or third hole. This is seven, eight years ago, sometime in Barack Obama’s first term.

He looks at me, we’re in the golf cart. “Tell me about Obama. Is he really a bad guy? Do you think he’s a bad guy?”

Okay, now, I’m asking myself, “Should I answer this or am I being set up? What’s going on here?” This has come out of the blue. He was genuinely curious what I thought. I said, “Yeah. I think in a policy sense, bad guy. I don’t know him, Mr. Trump. I don’t know if he’s a bad, bad guy, but I’m saying politically, yeah, bad guy.”

“I’ve heard that. I’ve heard that. Heard he’s a bad guy.” And then he started talking about something entirely different. Now, did he not listen to me? Did he not hear what I said? Did he just ask me this for some reason that I don’t know? He was fully engaged. He never told me what he thought of Obama. He said, “Why’d you leave New York?”

I said, “Taxes.” I told him how much it was costing me every year in taxes. He said, “You know, a lot of my friends are leaving, a lot of my friends are leaving.” I don’t think that that was true. I think that was Trump just being nice and affirmative with my decision. But it doesn’t matter.

But he still engaged me. And the whole round, you know, he’d see the CEO of Macy’s on the next fairway and he’d drive over there and introduce me to the next CEO of Macy’s, saying, “Look, this guy, if you ever need, if you run into trouble, need a couple million in advertising, just call him, he’ll have it for you. You ever hit hard times, call him.” I’m just sitting there soaking this stuff in.

Another guy, “See that guy over there? Richest man in Italy. And whose club does he want to join? Mine. Richest man in Italy.” You just laugh. The guy has boundless energy. He likes himself very much. He’s very proud of the things that he’s built. But to all of me, these things are very likable. None of it was off-putting.


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