RUSH: Sequester Led To Massive New Job Gains!

RUSH: Everybody is ecstatic with the jobs numbers today. Unemployment down to seven and a half percent, 165,000 new jobs. Well, it’s nothing, but in comparison to what it has been —


It doesn’t matter, Snerdley. The media’s all atwitter about it. That means the low-information voters are gonna hear that. The real number, nine and a half million fewer jobs since Obama was immaculated. That’s how many people are not working, that’s how many jobs we’ve lost, nine and a half million in four and a half years. The sequester. The sequester is what I’m crediting it to. (laughing) If they’re gonna talk about how great this news is, then I’m gonna credit the sequester for it. He-he-he. Budget cuts, just to tweak ’em, you know, just to tick ’em off, budget cuts led to massive new job gains! That could be our theme here today. Make ’em prove it isn’t the case. Budget cuts, government getting smaller. Ahem. We know it didn’t, but this is just how we tweak ’em.

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