RUSH: Sebelius Is Gone Because ObamaCare Is An ‘Effin Mess’

RUSH: Now, what happened with Sebelius?  Why was she forced out?  I wonder, did they find out she donated to Prop 8?  I wonder if that’s what it was.  Did Sebelius secretly donate to Prop 8 and they found out about it? Actually, I think the reason Sebelius is gone is multifaceted here, folks. I think the pressure’s getting to her. 

I really think Sebelius, despite her age, really believed that this was gonna end up being utopia, and it’s just a mess.  I think she’s overwhelmed with the pressure of it. She doesn’t know what she’s doing. She has no clue. She doesn’t know taxes. She doesn’t know websites. She doesn’t know anything but reactionary liberalism where things are just supposed to work. And nothing is working. 

I think they wanted her out ’cause they need a fall guy when the truth comes out that they don’t have seven million enrollees. They don’t have seven million new payers. They don’t have any — and she is gonna take the fall for it, not Obama.

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