RUSH: Scott Walker Is Target Number One, And He’s Earned It

RUSH: Here is everything you need to know about the Scott Walker case within the confines of the case.  I want to preface this by pointing out that he is target number one, and he’s earned it.  He has turned a blue state — I don’t know if he’s turned it yet, but it’s not blue anymore.  Wisconsin, folks, this is not quite, but this is pretty close to something like this happening in California or parts of California.

This is momentous what Scott Walker has done and he has done it with Reagan conservatism.  He has revived the state, beat back the unions, beat back the Democrats on four different occasions in court and at the ballot box.  He has produced a budget surplus.  He has created tax rebates and refunds.  The Democrats cannot let this stand.  If the Republicans ever woke up, got some confidence, they would look at Scott Walker in Wisconsin and realize they have a blueprint on how to react and deal with everything Obama has done nationally.  

It really is profound.  It’s great and it is magnificent.  It’s wonderful.  It’s stunning.  That’s why they’re trying everything they can to impugn, to criminalize, to destroy Scott Walker.  He stands as the antidote.  He stands an example of what can be, that this country can be what it once was and it’s obvious that the Democrat Party has no desire for this country to ever be prosperous when that prosperity and abundance is created by average men and women in this country.  The Democrat Party, it is now clear, cannot abide prosperity and abundance that results from the hard work of the American people.  

The Democrat Party is now insisting and mandating that the appearance of prosperity be associated with only one thing.  Their president and their party and their policies.  The truth of the matter is, their president and their party and their policies are on the way to fundamentally transforming this country into being something it was never intended to be, something it never has been and in practical terms will destroy it.  It will destroy the engine that creates opportunity for prosperity for millions and millions of Americans.  That’s what they can’t abide. 

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