RUSH: Santa Claus Was Always White

RUSH: Are you aware of the racial controversy that has arisen on Megyn Kelly’s new show on Fox? You’re not aware of this? On Wednesday night Megyn Kelly said that Jesus Christ and Santa Claus are white, deal with it. (laughing) I’m holding here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers — let’s see, what is this? Well, it’s probably Mediaite or some — I don’t know the name of the website, but it’s one of these media watchdog sites.

The headline: “Megyn Kelly Will Address ‘White Santa’ Controversy Tonight on Her Show — Friday evening on The Kelly File, Fox’s Megyn Kelly will address the controversy surrounding her Wednesday evening segment in which she declared that it is a ‘verifiable fact’ that Santa Claus is white. The segment set off all kinds of reactions, from outrage to mockery to eye-rolls to scholarly analysis.”


RUSH: All right, now we’re being told here by crack research staff that the original St. Nicholas was out of Turkey.  Oh, I know, St. Nicholas was a real saint.  I know all that.  If that’s the case, then he might have been Semitic.  Okay.  Okay.  All right.  Okay.  All right.  If you look at it that way, then there’s no other conclusion you can draw, and that is Santa Claus was always white. The guy that lives in the North Pole with the sleigh and the reindeer that comes down people’s chimneys and eats the cookies and milk that mom leaves, has always been white.  No argument about that.  Loves cold weather.  Ice person, no question.  Lives at the North Pole, which is melting, according to the butler in Downton Abbey.  Might have to cancel Christmas this year.

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