RUSH: Sanders Supporters Are In The Process Of Being ‘SHAFTED’ By His Communist Ideology

RUSH: Now, can we be a little honest here? Bernie Sanders honeymooned in the Soviet Union. Bernie Sanders honeymooned in Cuba. Bernie Sanders’ ideology is communism. Forget this “socialism” business.

Bernie Sanders’ ideology is communism. Bernie Sanders’ ideology, communism, is responsible for at least a hundred million deaths around the world. By the time you finish with what they did in Russia and the Soviet Union, Ukraine and you name it — and couple that with Mao Tse-tung. Wherever you have found communism imposed on a people, one of two things is true. They have to build walls to keep people in. They murder dissidents. It is a fact of life of communism. Look at Cuba. And this is Bernie Sanders ideology.

And they try to tell us that Trump represents utter ugliness. By the way, you Bernie people, can I tell you something? You are in the process of being shafted. All these young Millennials and idealists who have bought into the silly notion that social is utopia, and we cut them some slack because this is what they’ve been taught.

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