RUSH: Ryan ‘Hell-Bent’ On Persuading People That ‘Whatever Happens In The House, It’s Not Amnesty’

RUSH: Paul Ryan is gonna try to sell immigration reform to House Republicans, but he said it ain’t gonna be the Gang of Eight bill. He’s not gonna sell that.

He’s also saying, along with Boehner, that the House is not gonna take up the Gang of Eight bill. When Ryan says he’s gonna try to “sell” immigration reform to House Republicans, he’s not talking about the Gang of Eight bill or the Rubio plan. He’s going to be ostensibly selling something that would demand real evidence of improved border security before proceeding to legalization. The Senate bill does just the opposite.

Legalization first, and then proceeding to border security. Now, if a bill like that really exists in the House where they really do border security first before legalization, why do they need anybody to “sell” it? Unless there’s a faction of Republicans that doesn’t want any kind of a bill for whatever reason because they’d just as soon say no. You know, why do we have to do anything dramatic in an emergency frame of mind? Why?

Just because the Democrats want to?


I mean, there is that frame of mind or point of view about it in the House, but my point is if somebody in the House already has a bill that demands border security — first, foremost, provable, with real triggers and so forth — before any legalization happens, you shouldn’t need any big name to sell that. That’s just an observation. I’m not speaking out against Ryan here. It’s just my reaction. But at the same time, Ryan is still maintaining that whatever happens here, it isn’t amnesty.

Whatever ends up being done, he says thee Senate bill’s not amnesty. Whatever happens in the House, it’s not amnesty. He’s hell-bent on persuading people of that.

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