RUSH: Russians Are Openly Laughing At Obama… At His Face, To His Face, And In His Face

RUSH: We said last week that this Ukraine situation was a showdown between ACORN and the KGB. If you will recall, that is one of the ways I characterized it. But in view of the mocking that Obama is getting from the Russians, folks, they are openly laughing at our president. They are openly mocking Barack Obama! This was not supposed to happen, if you recall the campaign of 2008. In view of the mocking that Obama is getting from the Russians, this is also looking like the prankster versus the gangster. ‘Cause Putin’s calling Obama a prankster with his sanctions. Obama’s gonna sanction some individual Russians, so the Russians came and said, “Okay, well, we’ll sanction you!” And they’re mocking him.

Now, one thing that you have to admit:  They did not laugh at George W. Bush.  You know, it’s funny, folks, our news media claimed for years that the world viewed George Bush as a cowboy, a renegade, an out-of-control hayseed that did not have the respect of any nation around the world and we were being laughed at and joked about and made fun of.  Well, they never laughed at George W. Bush.  They never mocked George W. Bush.  They may have wished he was dead, but they are laughing at Barack Obama, and they’re laughing both at his face, to his face, and in his face.

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