RUSH: Rubio Holding Out On Tax Bill For ‘Attention’

RUSH: Have you noticed that Rubio came out yesterday and said he’s a “no” vote on tax cuts until they do something more with the child tax credit for poor kids or whatever?

Now, I know Senator Rubio, and I admire him, but I’m just gonna tell you what this is. He’s gonna vote for this. He’s not gonna vote against it. There’s a lot of attention being focused on it right now, and there is not one of these senators that wants to be the reason this thing doesn’t pass. But they’re using the opportunity of all of the attention to insert themselves in the story in a way that makes it look like they are holding out for a better deal for certain elements of their constituency. It’s a common practice. Politicians do it all the time.

“I can’t vote for this bill the way it’s currently written.” He’s gonna vote for it, as are most of these others. It’s just an opportunity now to have attention called to himself, particularly caring about poor kids. I’m not being critical. I’m telling you how this works.


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