Rush Rips Media’s Predictable And Boring Reaction To His Criticism Of Hashtag Campaign

RUSH: So somebody is holding members of their group prisoner somewhere, and they want their brothers back, and when they get their brothers back, they supposedly will return our girls.  Except they’re not our girls.  They’re Nigerian.  That was another thing.  But that’s insensitive to point out, too, because we’re all citizens of the world now.  Now, you, who were listening here, know full well what my point was.  I specified it.  If you have no power to do anything about this, and you want to do this Twitter hashtag thing to make yourself feel better, get in on the action, the equivalent of placing flowers along the parade route of the funeral route of Princess Di, go right ahead. 

But if you in any way represent the administration the United States, the government, and you do this hashtag, I mean, it’s pathetic. It’s absolutely pathetic and it’s inconsequential.  It’s not gonna matter a hill of beans except in one way.  It’s all about intentions and showing that you care.  These phonies on the left get behind their Twitter hashtag campaign and they get credit for caring.  “Oh, Rush Limbaugh, he doesn’t care. He’s cold-hearted and mean-spirited. He doesn’t care.”  Right.  So all I would have to do to care is get behind this Twitter hashtag.  What would it accomplish?  Nothing.  Nothing toward the objective.

I mean, if the objective is to get the girls back, getting behind a hashtag campaign on Twitter isn’t gonna do it, and holding up a picture all of hashtag, wherever you are, in the White House, on the battlefield in Afghanistan, I don’t care where you are, it isn’t gonna matter a hill of beans. But it’s sure gonna send a message that you care to the pop culture media and its customers, the low-information voter.  And so in that sense it’s a rousing success. 

Now, I’m sorry; I don’t know.  I couldn’t, in good conscience, get behind such a thing.  I mean, it’s phony.  All it is is a cheap attempt to make me look like something.  It’s not gonna accomplish anything.  I’m about actually doing.  It’s the same thing with left-wing policies.  Their policies all fail.  I don’t care what it is; Obamacare, you name it, everything they’ve tried in this Regime has failed.  It’s an abysmal failure in terms of accomplishing what they claim they want to accomplish, but it doesn’t matter because they’re trying.

You see, they care.  At least they care. At least they want to help. At least they want to do something, and Rush Limbaugh, he doesn’t even care.  That’s the way it all falls out.  It’s really a crying shame because it’s not true at all.  I just don’t understand applauding futility.  I don’t understand applauding and crediting doing nothing toward really achieving an objective. 

Anyway, here’s how the media treated it, predictably, and even maybe a little boringly.

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