RUSH: Republicans Just ‘ASSUME’ Everybody Knows Obamacare Is BAD And Has To Go

RUSH: I think there’s an interesting parallel. You know, one of my oft-stated beliefs of one of the problems the Republican Congress encountered in 1995, they were elected for the first time, Republicans running the House for the first time in 40 years in the 1994 campaign. And in 1995 they assume office, and they made a fatal mistake. They assumed by virtue of them winning the House, that the country had overnight transitioned to majority conservative.

And so they stopped teaching, and they stopped explaining why they were doing what they were doing. Which allowed the Democrats to savage them when they were balancing the budget. “Oh, you’re doing it on the backs of the children. You’re doing it on the backs of the poor. You’re starving our children. You’re starving our elderly.” And the Republicans, “No, no, no, no, we’re just balancing the budget. This is fiscal responsibility.” They stopped teaching.

In this Obama debate I think something similar has happened. Trump gave a speech today before lunch with senators in which he detailed some of the things wrong with Obamacare beyond what are in the news. “Well, the exchanges are failing, and the premiums are rising.” He detailed some of the horrors here that cannot go on. And then he extolled the virtues of the replacement plan, which nobody in the in the Senate has done.

Why not? Well, there could be many reasons, but I think one of the many is that Republicans just assume that Obamacare’s bad and has to go. There’s no reason to tell anybody why it’s bad because everybody knows. They just assume it. And because everybody knows how bad it is, they leave it to people to assume that the replacement’s gonna be better. I think it’s a communications problem. They have stopped, or they have not begun, to explain the virtues of their replacement at the same time they explain what’s wrong with Obamacare.

Everybody knows Obamacare isn’t working. Tell ’em why. But there’s been too great an assumption, particularly on the part of Republican voters, “Well, they all know it stinks, they voted against it. They voted for us to get rid of it. They know how bad it is.” Never hurts to give details. But then when it comes to the replacement, if you’ve got this great replacement bill, sell it. Sing its praises. Point out its virtues. Get people behind it.

There are two ways you can do this. You can get people behind the replacement by telling people what’s in it that they want to support, or you can say, “This Obamacare is so bad, we need you calling Washington and telling these senators that they’d better not –” You know, focus on the positive. If there’s virtue in the replacement bill sing its praise.

Well, Trump did in his speech today. Nobody else is. They’re all acting embarrassed of it. They’re all acting like it’s insufficient. They’re all acting like they don’t really believe in it. It’s the craziest thing, given how they have campaigned so consistently on getting rid of it.


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