RUSH: Repeal And Replace Is DOOMED Because They Want FAILURE Written All Over Trump’s Face

RUSH: I look at all this and I’m not a Washington insider, an establishment person, and I don’t want to be.

I simply ask myself, “Why in the name of Sam Hill is it this complicated?” And I say, “Well, one of the reasons it’s this complicated is because the complicatedness was written into it. It’s part of making it hard to unravel that it is just tentacle after tentacle after tentacle of parts of government we don’t even know exist that have a hand and a say-so in this, and it’s an absolute mess, and just to repeal it…” Then we get into the whole: How do you do it? Reconciliation for part of it, which you don’t need 60 votes for?

But you can’t do all of it with reconciliation. You have to get 60 votes to repeal some of it, and we’re never gonna get 60 votes ’cause we’re never gonna get the Democrats. And that’s when I ask, “Why? Why can’t we come up with an intelligent, really smart way that repeals this junk — we’re the United States of America! — and replaces it with something that makes utter common sense, that is rooted in fiscal responsibility and a little self-reliance, a little mixture of everything that the Democrats can’t afford not to support? Why is that not even an option? Why does nobody even consider it a possibility?

Why is the order of the day “it’s doomed”? Because if it’s doomed… If this repeal and replace that’s being talked about right now is doomed, and it’s the first bill that Trump’s trying, I’ll tell you why it’s doomed to failure. Because they want failure written all over Trump’s face and name in the first six months of his administration. They figure if they can do that, they can make the remaining 3-1/2 irrelevant, if they can create the news narrative that Trump is an abysmal failure in his first big legislative effort out of the box. That is what is going on here, in my humble opinion.


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