RUSH: REMEMBER It Was Ted Cruz And Mike Lee Who Tried To STOP ObamaCare

RUSH:  Now, folks, a couple things.  I’m getting lots of e-mails about the CNN sound bites that we played.  And they all make a really great point.  Those sound bites, that report last night on CNN on Anderson Cooper was more truth about Obamacare than anybody can remember anybody in the Republican Party making, other than Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. 

I just want you to remember something, folks.  Whenever you hear these truthful horror stories about the massively increased costs that everybody is going to encounter, or the vast majority of people, I want you to remember it was Ted Cruz and Mike Lee who tried to stop it.  It was Ted Cruz and Mike Lee who tried to defund it, or at least tried to delay the individual mandate. 

Now, remember, we’re supposed to hate Ted Cruz and Mike Lee for doing that.  The Republican Party says so, the media says so, the Democrat Party says so.  They tried to stop it.  They tried to marshal support to stop this.  They worked very hard.  They put themselves out there.

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