RUSH: Regime Promoting Activity That Will Lead To ‘Psychological Issues’

RUSH: Folks, that’s right, it’s a great point. The behaviors that are being promoted do have serious consequences, above and beyond pregnancy. Possible STDs, and not to mention — can I be brave and mention something else here? I will tell you, there will be psychological issues. If people take this and behave as though there’s no consequence to this kind of behavior, they’re gonna be messed up at some point. Nothing’s gonna be real to ’em. Nothing is gonna end up having any meaning. There’s going to be posttraumatic stress, whatever. There are going to be psychological issues that will require therapy, the kind of activity here being promoted, no question about it.

There’s a reason this stuff is stigmatized in culture as not being good for people, there’s a reason for it, and this regime has come along and thrown that all away and is trying to make young people think this is where it’s at now. Do whatever you want. There are no consequences. As long as you got Obamacare, we’ll handle it for you.

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