RUSH: Regime Monitors In Newsrooms Is All About Getting Rid Me

YORK:  You mentioned those two because they were the ones who are involved in this study from the Federal Communications Commission.  You have to look kind of at the bigger picture with the study. Because a lot of liberal reformers have been very unhappy for years at the continued success of Rush Limbaugh, and they want to limit that success, if they can.  They used to cling to the hope that they could restore the old Fairness Doctrine.  Clearly unconstitutional. I think they’ve given up on that.  But they’ve come up with a new idea called “media diversity.”  They want to change the ownership of radio stations around the country.  If they can do that, new owners won’t play Limbaugh; they reduce his influence that way.  That’s what they want to do.

RUSH:  That’s what he has researched.  He has found that Steak Clyburn is serious about this “minority ownership,” and the theory is that if they can get a bunch of minorities owning radio stations… Not networks.  I mean, networks would be fine.  But if they get minorities owning radio stations, then it just follows (Doesn’t it?) that those minorities would get rid of me.  It just follows.  It’s just axiomatic, apparently.

They would get rid of me and all of the revenue generated by the program. That’d be one of the first things they would do to be automatic heroes.  Do you realize how long that would take?  I mean, that’s a pretty convoluted effort.  We’re on 612 radio stations.  To have an impact, you’d have to have over half of ’em change ownership — and they’re gonna have to hurry up here, too, because there aren’t a limitless number of years that I’m going to be able to do this.

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