RUSH: Reggie Love Screwed Up The ‘Gutsy Call’ Part

RUSH: Wherever Obama is, Reggie Love is there.  And Reggie Love is saying, “You’re the best, you’re the best, there’s nobody better.”  Reggie Love is the guy saying, “Trust your judgment, trust your instincts.”  Reggie Love is out there keeping the president bucked up.  That’s his role.  So they sent Reggie Love out there — I don’t know what precipitated this, but Reggie Love didn’t speak all the while he was working for Obama.  He’s not working for Obama.  There’s a new Reggie, there’s a new body person. I don’t know who it is. 

They sent Reggie out there, and I’m convinced that his objective here was to remind everybody what a gutsy guy Obama is, what a gutsy call Obama made, and the trouble is that Reggie screwed up the gutsy call part, because Reggie made it sound like Obama didn’t care.  He’s out there playing cards.  I’m certain that they sent Reggie out there to solidify and emphasize Obama’s empathy.  Let’s listen to Reggie.  This actually was on July 18th.  It was just posted online yesterday, though.  But it was July 18th in Los Angeles at the Luskin School of Public Affairs at UCLA, and Reggie Love is speaking to the students.  It’s just 15 seconds, but here’s what he said.

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