Rush Refutes Mediaite’s Story That ‘Limbaugh Credits POTUS For National Title Game’s Big Ratings’

RUSH: I just had this stupid story called to my attention.

It’s a Mediaite story, and the headline: “Rush Limbaugh Credits [Trump] for National Title Game’s Big Ratings.” I did no such thing. They’re trying to say in this story that I said at the opening of this program that people watched that game in record numbers because Trump showed up during the national anthem on the 40 yard line. Let me read to you the quote: “During today’s broadcast of the Rush Limbaugh Show, Limbaugh tried to make the case that Trump placing his hand on his heart and (attempting) to sing the Star-Spangled Banner brought more eyeballs to the game.

“Furthermore, he claimed that ratings were down for this past weekend’s NFL playoff games and the Golden Globes because they represent liberalism and a disrespect for the country.” They quote me. “‘The support for Trump was overwhelming,’ Limbaugh declared. ‘And ESPN’s televising this thing and it just had to destroy them to see Trump show up and then to have this kind of reception. And this kind of support that he got.’”

I never said it. “This thing” is the game, not Trump.

It had to irritate ESPN to see all the support for Trump. In no way did I credit… Who would be fool enough to claim that the president singing the national anthem — when he leaves at halftime — is the reason people watch the game in record numbers? So whoever wrote this at Mediaite’s got it entirely wrong because they wanted to get it wrong. I didn’t say anything close to that! All I said was ESPN had to be driven crazy with the reception Trump got. ESPN televising “this thing” means the game, and Trump shows up during the game, getting all kinds of cheers and applause and it had to tear ’em apart.

Trump was the reason people watched the game in record numbers?


Didn’t say so. Don’t think so.



Rush Limbaugh Credits POTUS For National Title Game’s Big Ratings: ‘Support For Trump Was Overwhelming’

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